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Our Provider Network contracts with a variety of clinician types including Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Dentists, Audiologists, Optometrists, and Behavioral Health Providers. Our Business Partners engage the Provider Network to provide services across the country.

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Think of LifeHealth as your business partner, here to help your practice navigate the challenging healthcare landscape. We understand the business of providing quality healthcare, whether you are an independent practitioner, manage a large multi-specialty clinic or are part of a group practice – we can help. As a LifeHealth Provider, you will be a member of our national provider network with access to a variety of programs that will grow your revenue prospects.

LifeHealth is a community focused organization with a background in clinical support services; we are flexible, innovative, and responsive. We are proud of our fair and transparent business practices and understand provider needs. We are seeking medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare providers nationwide, as well as medical specialists in a variety of disciplines to support services to numerous government agencies as well as commercial clients.

Consistent Cash Flow

You control your schedule, exams will be scheduled based on what works for you so you will be able to forecast a consistent stream of income.

Fair Compensation and Timely Payments

Reimbursement fees are straightforward and easy to understand. Payments to providers are made twice monthly.


Build your practice revenue volume and get reimbursed fairly through our claimants that will route patients directly to your office and simplify, or eliminate, authorization procedures while paying fair reimbursement rates. No treatment plans, no insurance claims- just a consistent revenue stream. LifeHealth Provider Network membership brings value:

Access to Multiple Contracts

LifeHealth Provider Network is in partnership with several organizations, both commercial and government entities.

Opportunity to Give Back

You will have the opportunity to support Veterans and Active-Duty personnel as well as Federal employees.

Ready to take the next step?

If you are ready to position your practice for success with a partner dedicated to the provider community, we want to hear from you. Providers may request to join LifeHealth Provider Network by completing the application process. Once approved, we will provide you with contracts specific to our various programs for your review and signature.

LifeHealth welcomes a variety of providers, groups, and provider organizations to join our Provider Network to assure the broadest choice of quality providers for our clients. For more information regarding qualifications and to request an application, contact us today!