LifeHealth LLC Joins Military Spouse Employment Partnership!

LifeHealth LLC (LifeHealth) is proud to announce its participation in the Department of Defense Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). MSEP is an employment and career partnership connecting military spouses with hundreds of partner employers who have committed to recruit, hire, promote and retain military spouses in portable careers. MSEP was launched on June 29, 2011, as part of the White House’s Joining Forces Initiative.

LifeHealth officially joined MSEP on October 2, 2017, at the annual Induction Ceremony held at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Building, Washington, D.C. By joining the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, LifeHealth is becoming part of an even larger collective effort to support military spouse employment.

MSEP is part of the Department of Defense broader Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program, which seeks to reduce the significant unemployment rate and wage gap currently experienced by military spouses when compared to their civilian counterparts. LifeHealth is proud to support our military through this valuable program.

For more information about how LifeHealth is working to support military spouses in fulfilling their career goals, visit For more information on the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, please visit