LifeHealth Employees Honored at SERCO’s Psychological Health Outreach Program Annual Training

Two of LifeHealth employees, Melinda Trollop and Davida Thompson were both recognized with Certificates of Appreciation, by SERCO, for their work in supporting the goals of the Psychological Health Outreach Program (PHOP) at this year’s Annual Psychological Health Outreach Program Training in in Minneapolis, MN held July 23-27, 2018. The PHOP program creates a Psychological Health (PH) “safety net” for US Navy and US Marine Reservists (Reservists) and their families, who are at risk of not having stress injuries identified and treated in an expeditious manner; improve the overall PH of Reservists and their families; and to develop and implement long-term strategies to improve PH support services for Reservists and their families.

Ms. Trollop was acknowledged for her dedication to service members and their families through her exemplary performance of handling cases, site visits and refers. Ms. Thompson was commended for her professionalism and high-quality presentations to the PHOP program Points of Contact and partner organizations. Additionally, she has gone above and beyond to establish rapport with the Sailors, Marines and their families by conducting many site visits. We are proud of Ms. Trollop and Ms. Thompson who exemplify the LifeHealth dedication to our military and family members.