Vicki Johnson

Vicki Johnson

Behavioral Health Director

Dr. Vicki Johnson, LifeHealth’s Behavioral Health Director is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a native of Dallas, Texas. Dr. Johnson started her career in mental health by volunteering with the Family Advocacy Program at Fort Benning, Georgia. She quickly received professional mentoring from other clinical social workers. This mentoring led her to pursue a graduate degree in social work. She received a Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) from the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She later received a Doctorate in Psychology, PsyD from the American School of Professional Psychology, Washington, DC Campus.

Dr. Johnson is passionate about her professional work with Service members and their families, adults, families, children, and groups. She has extensive experience working with domestic violence; specifically working with male victims of partner violence, PTSD and other anxiety disorders, combat stress related reactions, mood disorders, trauma, and bereavement complications. Dr. Johnson works extensively with couples and families in crisis. Dr. Johnson is well trained and experienced in conducting psychological evaluations for schools, court mandated evaluations, and capacity evaluations. Dr. Johnson has served in many roles that include therapist, supervisor and manager.

In her own family, she has been through several deployments because of her husband’s commitment to serving our country as a Service member. In response to his service Dr. Johnson started writing an advice column “Ask Ms. Vicki” and “Dear Ms. Vicki” that appeared in several military newspapers, and the Washington Times. She was named “The Military Dear Abby”. She was featured as a guest expert for mental health on several media television and radio to include CNN, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, and CBS Morning Show. In addition, Dr. Johnson has hosted a radio show “For Your Soul’s Sake.”

Dr. Johnson is elated to join the LifeHealth team as their Behavioral Health Director. She counts this as an honor and a privilege. She is on a mission not only to talk about the stigma of mental health but to work diligently to erase the stigma of seeking mental health services. Moreover, her goal and passion are to help others revive in spirit, to educate and to restore their overall health, wellness and happiness.

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