Dominique Benedict, Project Supervisor at LifeHealth, establishes interpersonal relationships with the individuals that provide support to our events, and helps develop talent to adhere to the quality of service we provide. A graduate of Metro State University of Denver with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management, Dominique started her career as a client manager for large construction companies across Northern Colorado, and quickly found a passion in that as a fulfilling vocation. After holding positions in the field of human resources, she has found her way back to the passion of putting the right people at the right opportunities. Dominque is the point of contact for our onsite employees, provides clerical support and helps prepare employees for the job at hand.

With close to 5 years of experience, she has successfully staffed and maintained onsite schedules for countless clients and managed hundreds of employees that executed various tasks at many different skill levels.

Dominique has a history of providing professional support in clerical and administrative tasks and is always a friendly conversation to help in any situation. She is driven by team success and values responsiveness, dedication and integrity to all things that support a successful event.