Population Health

In Healthcare Quality Should Always Be Top of Mind

LifeHealth supports a strategic approach to health and wellness. We work across the care-continuum, from clinical case management to wellness. LifeHealth has extensive experience creating, staffing and delivering outcome-based programs designed to improve the health of your population. With our broad range of experience in the Population Health arena, we can help fill the gaps in your population-based health program.

Our experience

We have a team of individuals who have dedicated their careers to building and delivering population health programs, from complex case management, disease management to 24/7 nurse triage programs. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Finding the right team members for your program – we know the passion and commitment needed to work with patients’ day in and day out. Over the years, we have helped our clients find hundreds of high-performing clinicians who understand how to engage with your patients and help them make small changes to their lives that add up to healthy outcomes.

  • Monitoring + Evaluation – we understand what it takes to deliver an outcomes-based program and can assist with your quality initiatives and performance outcomes. By evaluating your program design, we can help you achieve your target and help with cost savings along the way.

  • Performance measurements – we love metrics and will design safe and appropriate performance metrics for your clinical team to ensure you are on-track to achieve program outcomes.

  • Review & analysis – as with all successful programs, your outcomes require evaluation to ensure you are hitting your program goals. We will create the milestones and eliminate any unnecessary workflows that may cause inefficiencies or roadblocks in your program.

  • Modes of delivery – from call centers to clinicians working “boots on the ground”, we specialize in all areas of program delivery. We will transform your call center from operations as usual to an efficient and effective program while ensuring the staff stay engaged and dedicated to their mission – serving their patients. If your program is delivered in person, we can help you manage face to face contacts.

We have the knowledge, passion and are highly flexible – we will help you with all aspects of your programs. Let LifeHealth partner with you to improve the health of your population!