Clinical Events and Management

We’re Flexible

Our experience in event planning, management, and execution has taken us from small, rural events in school gymnasiums to large conventions in urban areas as diverse as Honolulu, Orlando, New York, and Los Angeles. We’re comfortable anywhere.

Our specialized logistics team is flexible, and skilled at adapting to customer needs - both planned and unplanned. Attention to detail and reliable follow-through define our event managers.

We’re Creative

Specialty event staffing includes convention and trade show clinical personnel, and health education, and screening events in support of brand marketing our services and products. We often “private label” our services and can integrate with existing vendors as needed.

State of the Art Systems

Our internet based, proprietary, data warehouse and exchange system, LifeHealth Link, handles clinic registration, HIPAA-compliant sharing of screening results, and the production of post-event reports. All customization happens in house so you won’t need to wait on third party providers.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance should never be an afterthought. So we apply our own structured, quality assurance program to every project.

First, we identify a project’s metrics and contract requirements. We then develop an action plan to address and monitor each metric and contract compliance throughout the engagement.

Ongoing and frequent communication between your staff and ours gets us out ahead of performance issues in time to implement any corrective action the program might need.

Our Wellness Programs

Customized Design: We design and deliver with you in mind - all the way through the planning, implementation and management of projects and events.

Extensive Capabilities: Our full complement of health and wellness services, experienced clinicians, logistical support, state of the art equipment, carefully vetted products, and project management oversight is second to none in the industry.

HIPAA-Compliance: Your secure data requirements are met through LifeHealth Link™: our proprietary system for data exchange, reporting, and customized online event registration.

Explore Wellness Screening Options

Flu Shot and Vaccination Clinics

LifeHealth is a leading provider of flu shot clinics for businesses, community groups, senior living facilities, and other organizations. With full event planning and management – including marketing – we make the entire event effortless for you and generate maximum participation. We only use highly trained nurses with CPR certification to do flu shots. Other vaccination services can be customized. Call us for details.

Flu shot clinics

We specialize in meeting the needs of your employees. Call us to schedule a flu shot clinics for the 2017 season! If you would like more information about scheduling a clinic, please contact us right away. Cut absenteeism and doctor visits with an on-site clinic. Flu season means aches, pains, fever, sniffles, and, unfortunately, a jump in absenteeism. Flu vaccinations have been proven to reduce the incidents of upper respiratory illnesses, associated doctor visits – and missed work. And while many of your employees intend to get a shot every year, they put it off or “forget.” Participation is higher at the work site than with a voucher program. Immunizations are easy and accessible.


LifeHealth can bring a full array of vaccinations to your work site. We will tailor an immunization program to meet your needs and make it easy and convenient for your team. Our prices are competitive and we only use nurses. - Influenza - Tetanus (Tdap) - Hepatitis A & B - Mantoux Testing & Readings for Tuberculosis - MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) - Pneumonia (Pneumococcal)

Data Collection and Reporting

We offer collection of demographic and lab data during any of our health screening. This data is not identified with any individual and is confidential. Data is analyzed; results and recommendations are provided for work site health follow up and provided in an aggregate report.